Vertical farming:
a new frontier
The purest agricultural product imaginable, always available, not seasonally dependent and grown locally and sustainably with cutting edge technology in our major urban centres around the world.
The future of farming
is here
Planet Farms is leading the greatest evolution in farming, starting first in Italy, with the largest projects in Europe and the most advanced technologies in the world.
Pure innovation
Our plants are grown in multi-layered structures within pristine and controlled environments which are independent from external environmental conditions to obtain truly exceptional produce.
Pure product
exceptional quality
Our products represent the new evolution in clean and sustainable farming. Every individual plant is constantly and accurately nurtured with the monitoring of every aspect of the growth process, from light to temperature, from humidity to the purification of air and water. The entire growing process, from seed to harvest, is meticulously studied in order to guarantee the absolute certainty of quality and traceability of our plants.
Our work aims to benefit everyone, from industry to the environment, and above all, our consumers. Our innovative production techniques results in a hyper-local product, while impacting on 90% less land and using 95% less water. Our products are distinguished for their unique freshness and taste, and our salads are good for the conscience, produced in a sustainable fashion with great respect for our natural resources.
Healthy and good
Our food is truly good for you, grown in a controlled and clean environment, removed from pollution, insects and bacteria, without any pesticides or herbicides. A return to the flavours of old-fashioned agriculture, when inside and on the salad leaf there was only salad, nothing else. This is the Planet Farms way, naturally, with no compromise and with a relentless focus on taste.
Availability of products
Products and herb fragrances of all kinds, even the most delicate, are always available and the quality is consistent all year round. Grown locally, in urban city centres, our food goes from harvest to table with a smaller footprint than traditional local farming methods.
The fruit of Italian talent
Planet Farms was born in Milan, combining the great Italian farming heritage with production and technological excellence. We are propelling the global indoor farming evolution to the new frontier, without compromising on the quality and taste which are the pillars of our ancient Italian food tradition.