Bring flavor to the world without starving its resources.

We are on a mission to transform agriculture. Building on our proud Italian culinary tradition, we are creating the ultimate sustainable farming business and imagining a new future, where we can feed our communities fresh, nutritious and flavorful food that is good for our people and our Planet.


Let us start by introducing the values that truly drive us and that have helped us grow strong from the very beginning.



Since the beginning of time, we have always looked up.

For food, for answers, for inspiration, for challenges. We have gone vertical, evolving from primates to homo verticalis…as we like to call ourselves. From picking berries on tree tops to exploring the edges of the solar system, from caves to skyscrapers, from plowing fields to vertical farms, Going Vertical is more than just thinking big, it’s thinking upwards. At Planet Farms we apply this approach to every aspect of our enterprise: people, technology, architecture, quality, investments, and, of course, flavor.


Progress is vital, so we started by looking at what people expected from salads, and how greens are produced today.

But thinking out of the box wasn’t enough. We got rid of the box altogether and started stacking new ideas one on top of the other: we decided to go radical, setting higher standards of produce and production. We created and recreated and recreated, until... fresh just got fresher.


Go beyond innovation!

There are those who talk about innovation, those who study it and those who try to apply it. At Planet Farms we introduced a new form of innovation which is “innov-action”, aimed at something greater: to make things happen and be the change. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, an innovative approach, and a healthy dose of madness, we put ourselves completely at the service of nature, to rediscover its authentic flavor while fully respecting the Planet.


As much as we are proud of our people, technology and science, what we are most proud of is not what goes into the vegetables we produce, it's what doesn’t go into the produce we take to market: no artificial ANYTHING.

Our solution combines futuristic environments with vegetables that taste like they used to in the past, by doing away with harmful elements such as pesticides and using pure traditional seeds. Our sense of responsibility towards the environment, local communities and individual consumers goes well beyond the nutritional values and integrity of our salads. Our production architecture is aimed at minimizing the impact we have on our Planet, from the reduction of land occupation, to minimal use of water, to sustainable packaging. All this to bring “greener” greens to everyone’s table.


Growth is at the very roots
of our daily life.

What we want is to grow tastier, healthier, and sustainable greens. What we need is to evolve bold ideas, raise ingenious people with positive attitudes, cultivate trust with state of the art and transparent tech, to be the most innovative farm on the Planet. If this sounds very ambitious, it’s because it is. The idea is to have the quality of a small vegetable garden scaled up not just to the next level, but to the one above and the one above that, Going Vertical.

Our story

The Planet Farms story is one of  friendship, technological leaps, extraordinary people, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

Childhood friends from Milan, Luca and Daniele’s lives had diverged for a while, before reconnecting at a pivotal moment. Luca had spent his career developing an expertise in food production processes and technology, but after a major health scare, he changed his life to focus on the impact that food has on our well-being. Daniele built his career in finance in London, investing in and analyzing some of the world’s greatest businesses but was ready to make a change and wanted to build a business that was purpose driven, sustainable, and, above all, exciting.

With Vertical Farming in its infancy, Luca had the vision to develop a different approach, one that would result in a unique technology that would guarantee fresh and high-quality products thanks to a highly efficient and environmentally responsible process. Daniele had the strategic insight of how to harness the exceptional aspects of this process, bring this new model out into the world and prepare for sustainable growth.

Planet Farms was born out of their shared passion and unique vision to break through traditional agriculture, and is grounded in their Italian roots and focused on food quality and flavor. This dream was brought to life through moments of incredible chance that led them to cross their path with the most incredible individuals, that over time became invaluable team members, investors, clients, and partners. And a long list of cross-roads, where sheer determination and the belief in a shared vision got this outstanding group of people through the challenges of the early years and to where Planet Farms is today.

Food is a way of life in Italy, and today Planet Farms represents the future of how we grow food, feed our children, and preserve our Planet.

Our People

Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

That’s what Planet Farms is for us, a calling, not a job. We are not a conventional team. Among us you’ll find someone with a passion for magic, someone who built a robot at age 15, someone who can recite the alphabet backwards, and one who climbed a three-story building. Together we do incredible things because to revolutionize the world it’s not enough to surround yourself with excellent minds, you need extraordinary people.
We have different passions, different backgrounds and different skills, but we all work on a single project with a common challenge that leads us to give our best every day. We are a team spread over 5 countries, together we speak 9 languages, and all together we have over 30 children, although we’re very young. That’s why we care so much about the future.

  • Chiara

    "Every problem conceals its solution. All you need to do is look for it."

  • Daniele

    "If you don’t like what’s in front of you, change it. If you can’t change it, change your perspective, and try again."

  • Luca

    "Climbing the future has been for me like a crazy action movie. We are the A-Team and when we reach the summit I will get to say, 'I love it when a plan comes together'."

  • Mita

    "The Planet doesn’t need our footprints, but our steps."