We would like to share a bit more about some of our cool and exciting initiatives and partnerships.

Also, we couldn't help indulging in a little bit of pride and share some of the awards we were given and some tidbits of what people say about us.


We are proud to announce that Planet Farms has won the tender issued by MASAF dedicated to the development of agri-food logistics.

More information relating to this project can be read in this link.

A three star partnership

We are proud of our partnership with the Cerea brothers, owners of the 3 Michelin® Star restaurant Da Vittorio, in Brusaporto, near Bergamo. The collaboration started in 2020 during the pandemic, when we donated our products to the Bergamo hospital's canteen which was managed by the Cerea brothers. They got to try our produce then and were so impressed by its authentic and fresh flavor that the idea of a partnership took form. That road led us to the construction of a Vertical Farm in Brusaporto to supply fresh products directly to the starred restaurant.​
We became two partners united by a common vision: bringing unique flavor and quality in everything we do. These are just some of the ingredients of this unique gastronomic experience that has developed into a true friendship between our organizations.​

Discover more about the partnership with Cerea Brothers and look at their recipes.

Planet Farms supports Fondazione Umberto Veronesi

Planet Farms firmly believes in the power scientific research can have in shaping humanity and in our responsibility as individuals and companies in taking care of others as a necessary part of building thriving communities.

In 2023 Planet Farms has decided to renew its support for Fondazione Veronesi and its Pink is Good project in the fight against cancers typically affecting women. To demonstrate our commitment, alongside illuminating our farm in Cavenago di Brianza in pink for the months of October and November, we launched a new limited edition product: the Baby Iceberg.

Discover more here.

Innovation paves the way to great victories

We are proud that our commitment and drive were recognised with the National Award for Innovation in Agriculture in 2020. This award was launched in 2019 by Confagricoltura to reward farms that implement innovative projects. The 2020 edition was focused on product quality, environmental sustainability and production process efficiency, also enabled by the use of digital technology. And as you will have gathered by now, this is exactly our field!

Life program: bringing great visions to life

In 2019 we took part in the LIFE Program, the European Union’s key tool to support sustainable businesses protecting nature and the environment and together with Signyfy, 255 and Sirti we presented the Planet Farms Life Project.
We presented our innovative production system and explained how it allows us to save an enormous amount of water. This and many other cutting edge aspects of our company led to our selection among many other major projects. This award meant that we received funding to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals through our Vertical Farm in Cavenago near Milan. Isn't that grand?


To wrap up this fantastic year, our co-founder and co-CEO Luca Travaglini has been crowned the Italian Tech Person of the Year at the Italian Tech Awards. The event was organised/organized by platform 2031 in collaboration with Italian Tech, and took place at the Triennale in Milan.

The winning title was awarded to the person who in 2021 made the best use of technology to achieve their dreams while having a positive impact on society as a whole... But as Luca rightly reminded us, behind every big victory lies the collective belief that a better future is possible and that it can be built today. This prize goes to all the Planet Farmers, to everyone who never backs down and always looks forward, or in our case... upwards.

2020: a year in the spotlight

In 2020, we received the Smau Innovation Award, for companies and organizations that are committed to innovation by using digital technology in many sectors, that range from Ag-tech to manufacturing, from chemical to fashion, and even local authorities. Our commitment to innovation was once again recognised!

What they say about us

Green may be our favorite color, but when we see what we do in black on white, we have to admit, we do love reading it.