Mix Vivace


Mix Vivace. Delicious from first to last leaf.

Do you remember the last time you ate purple salad? Join us in welcoming Mix Vivace to the Frescaah family - the new sassy and vibrant Planet Farms salad mix – born from untreated, natural seeds and grown to deliciousness in our unique environment. Mix Vivace brings not only a novel, punchy flavour to the table, but a beautiful array of colours guaranteed to make your dishes pop. Like all artists, our Mix Vivace offers a unique, effervescent experience: perfect for snacking right out the bag (forget the dressing!)… And who needs fries when Mix Vivace is on offer?

From vertical farming.
No pesticides.
100% Italian, all year long.
Ready to eat.

INGREDIENTS: RED MUSTARD, rocket, pak choi.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION / 100g Energy 126kJ/30 Kcal; Fat 0.2g; Carbohydrate 4.4g; Fiber 1.7g; Protein 2.7g; Salt 0.1g.