You've never had salad like this before

Finally discover the true taste of salad.

Our Frescaah salad range is born out of our vertical farm and is good for us and for the Planet!

Do you know why they're so special?

• They are ready to eat! No need to wash - it will preserve their texture and taste... and save water!

We do not use pesticides;

• They are grown next to Milan, guaranteeing a 100% Italian product year-round;

• We only irrigate the roots, keeping our leaves crunchy and dry;

• Thanks to our innovative system of vertical agriculture, we save up to 95% of water compared to open-field cultivation;

• They are packaged in recyclable paper bags to offer you an even more sustainable product.

Dress them with a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt, or enjoy them plain, even straight from the bag!

Frescaah salads can become the star of your dishes and help you rediscover the authentic taste of Nature.

Discover the whole Frescaah range

Baby Iceberg

The Baby Iceberg is unrivalled in crunch, and brings unparalleled freshness and flavour to the table.

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Soft and sweet… its delicate flavour will keep you coming back for more

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A versatile and surprising mix of bold komatsuna and a delicate baby lettuce trio

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Mix Delicato

Delightful and balanced combination of four baby lettuce varieties

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Mix Vivace

Peppery and vibrant combination of mustard leaves, rocket and pak choi

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Mix Esotico

Red and green pak choi combined with tatsoi leaves to create a novel mix reminiscient of distant lands

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Flavourful yet delicate, perfect for adding character to your dish

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What does all this mean?

Where can I find them?

Frescaah salads are already available for purchase in the best supermarkets and online! Find out where to buy them!

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What is Vertical Farming?

Do you want to know more about our technology and how it helps us grow such delicious salad?
Join us on a journey to discover vertical farming - or rather, Planet Farming!

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